1 megapixel picture provides ‘Solid proof’ of mythical monster

A PICTURE doing the rounds on the internet is said to prove the existence of a mythical monster after it was snapped with a 1 megapixel camera.

The image showing a  ‘Fallen Angel’ standing in the middle of a residential street is said to be the most ‘solid evidence’ yet of such a creature.

Dr Tim Stones, a self styled ‘Professor’ of cryptozoology, which is the study of mythical beings and creatures, said “This more excellent proof of a Fallen Angel, they’re Angels like Lucifer that have been expelled from Heaven.”

“I have seen the picture evidence and the camera it was taken with and although blurry, I’m satisfied the creature is of mythical origin.”

There is a lot of scepticism regarding Tims claim, as just about all mythical creatures pictured are only ever captured with very low quality cameras, which means the details are hard to discern.

Tim was positive though, explaining exactly why these photographs are only ever 1 megapixel or lower in size “These creatures don’t like to be seen, it adds to their mystery if they can reveal themselves but not fully.”

However one skeptical reader who saw the post on Reddit went on a foul mouth rant about the picture, calling it ‘Another Hoax’ he said,

“Why the f*** are these things only ever captured in such s**** minute detail? It’s like they only ever appear to people who carry f****** camera phones from 2005 or those s**** disposable cameras you need to get professionally developed. These mythical things need to get their s*** because every photo of them makes them look like a potato. F*** these guys.”