Old person still using Facebook like a diary

Mature Caucasian man typing on laptop in home.


“All ready to go to The Tinford (Pub) tonight. Bit went to B/Q for more decking stain.so carrying on in the garden Sun Bathing weather tommorow.”

A 70 something has been hounded by his gran children for repeatedly using his Facebook page like a diary.

Neville Smith from Lutterworth in Leicestershire updates his page several times a day with every detail of his life, including adding the times the event occurred.

After being reminded several times not to use Facebook in this way, his granchildren have gone to extraordinary lengths, by hiding his posts.

“It doesn’t stop him.” Said his eldest grandaughter, Amy “He still posts and comments on our photos, he signs every one off as ‘Grandad x’.”

The teens embarrassement doesn’t seem to bother Neville all that much, “Facebook is a diary.” He said “What else am I supposed to write, they’ve even enrolled me on online social media courses but it taught me bugger all.”

“Oh its 6pm” Neville said, leaning over his keyboard he began to type, “I just need to write a status, one sec.”

“Just got in from The Festival at 5:07 met Albert-Teresa and Pete.had a great night.Plenty of partners to dance with and great band. Pete won me a tin if roses. Got sweets for a few days.thanks Pete.”