Complaints as Chinese set to ruin FIFA 18

THE VIDEO game community has reacted angrily this transfer window after accusing China of ‘Ruining FIFA 18’.

Clubs from the Chinese Super League have begun pilfering the pockets of European clubs aiming to secure big profile names for the leagues exposure.

Bankrolled by manufacturing tycoons, the Chinese government and probably North Korean leader Kim King Un, and offering huge amounts of cash the clubs have recently managed to persuade such names as former Chelsea midfielder Emboaba Oscar, Boca Juniors and former Manchester United man Carlos Tevez in to moving over to Chinese.

However, as the Chinese Super League tightens its grip of the football world, some aren’t so enthusiastic about its new found power.

Josh Buxton, Brickie, FIFA player and all round lad said “These Chinese are coming in and they’re messing up my teams. I’ve already lost Oscar and Texiera and it I might even lose Aubameyang and Witsel too.”

“Its not that I object to players leaving its just that they’re joining such a crappy league, how am I supposed to use an ultimate team rated 65 online when its mostly full of crappy Chinese players? Actually is the Chinese league even in the game, I’ve never seen it.”

We asked FIFA to comment who glady responded to John’s comments, in a statement they said “The footbl world is and ever changing and diverse community. We believe footballers should be given the opportunity to earn as much money as they can, wether they care about playing in a worse league is up to them.”

They also added “We’d also like to dismiss the the conspiracy theory that we are giving China money to take players from English clubs. This is absolute nonsense.”