Racism row sees Black holes renamed ‘Holes of colour’

A RADICAL feminist and social justice group has shocked the world of science today after successfully challenging the names of a dozen celestial bodies, including black holes.

The internet pressure group, Everyday Feminism had lobbied Institute for theScientific Names for the past two years to change the names of several objects they deemed offensive.

The most prominant and notable lunar object to ‘transition’ will be the infamous Black hole, from today they will be known as ‘Holes of Colour’.

Lissa Richards, a notable transgender asexual demigod feminist and gobshite said “Finally the ISN has listened to us after 2 years of shouting at the too of our lungs about his offended we are.”

Lissa went on to explain what it was in particular about Black Holes that offened her “Here at Everyday Feminism we’re all about being inclusive, we want people to feel safe, so black holes are a no-no, instead they’re now called Holes of colour.”

“We’ve also lobbied for other changes too, Supergiant Planets will no longer be subject to fat shaming, Brown Dwarf Stars will now be called Vertically Challenged Stars of Colour, and White Dwarf Stars will now be named Oppressors.”

How Lissa and her groups changes will effect the scientific community remain to be seen, with a few maverick scientists showing their stubborn side and not bowing to political pressure, it’s not known how fast the names will catch on. But Lissa is optimistic.

She shouted, “Next week we’re going to lobby for a universal safe space, a place where all alienkind can get together and talk about the greatness of feminism.”