Internet Explorer now listed as an endangered species

THERE WAS sad news for the world wide web today as the former king if the internets status was downlisted to ‘Endangered’.

Internet Explorer, whos legendary ‘e’ icon once sat proudly on almost every computer screen worldwide has seen a huge downward trend in its usage over the past few years, to such a point that is has been labelled an ‘Endangered species’ by Internet Watchdog WHO.

IE as it favourably became known, has failed to compete with new age competitors such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, both of which have surpassed IE exponentially.

“Its very sad.” Said Simon Stone of WHO, “During the 90’s through to the late 10’s IE blossomed, you couldn’t find a computer screen without that famous icon.”

“But then came Chrome, with its tabbed browsing, super sleek display and anonymity, it was only a matter of time before it took over Internet Explorer as top dog in the internet browsing world.”

There are thought to be fewer than 1000 computers left with Internet Explorer installed on them and the number of active users is said to even less, most of those using it are in the African sub continent where internet speeds are still considered dial-up.

“We expect to downgrade IE again within the next couple of years, possibly event the next one, our current trends predict it will soon go extinct.”

So there it is, Internet Explorer is set to be another internet relic, another forgotten about widget waiting its life to be downloaded. RIP IE.