Queen overthrown by pet Corgi

THE UK has woken up to the shocking prospect of its first canine king today after a group of the Queens most trusted Corgis formed a mutiny against her.

8 year old Whisky, the leader of the Queens Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgis had apparently been planning a coup against the Queen for some time. He is said to have become disenchanted by the Queens lack of attention for him.

Buckingham Palace officials taken captive by the new monarch over the Christmas period have said there was ‘hostility’ within the compound and that ‘blood has been shed.’

The British public have been questioning why the Queen has not being seen in public since early december, however the 3 week long media blackout ordered by King Whisky has now been lifted, revealing fears that the Queen may have been killed during his takeover.

A spokesman for the newly crowned dog said “The new King was crowned on the 27th of December 2016, the old monarch has been toppled and is no longer a concern for the British public. As a celebration of his coronation, King Whisky would like to announce 7 consecutive days of national bank holidays.”

“After this everyone will great each other with the words ‘Who’s a good boy’. The wearing of tails will become compulsory, workers must take 30 minutes of break a day to play fetch and humans will now be required to take at least one daily shit in the park. Preferably under the swings where the kids play. After which they will not clear it up.”