Starving African child thanks missionary for Bible instead of food

AN AFRICAN child from the war torn area of Somalia has publicly thanked a group of Christan Missionaries that delivered to him, a Bible.

Little Chukka Ongo, who was once forced to fight on board a ship with Somali pirates before being rescued, wanted the Ministry Travel group from the First Church of Christ in Texas to know just how grateful he was to have his new book.

“I am very grateful. I haven’t eaten in 2 weeks but I now have a book.” He said, sipping on a cup filled with brown water. “The Missionaries. They come and they teach us all about God and how he is punishing us for living in sin. They say they have plenty of food back in America because they follow the Lords rules.”

“They say we must convert and our problems will be solved, the draught and the pirates will go away.”

“Once I am a Christian I am going to use my Bible to pray to God for food.”

Chukka his confident his new magical book will work, recently Somalia’s has been inundated with religious missionaries from the east and west, desperate for conversions to their own faiths, and with a whopping 99% of the population of Somalia believing in some form of diety, its no wonder he’s optimistic.

Josef Schmit, volunteer for First Church of Christ Texas has been in Africa for two summers now, he said “Its great that the Africans understand that they’re living in sin and being punished. Were happy they’re listening to us, with a slowly dwindling number of Christians in the States, Africa is a great place to spread our ideology to the less educated amongst us.”

Chukka added “Actually how to am I supposed to find out what’s in this thing when I can not even read?”