Drone kills and eats handler

THE technology community was in shock today after a drone turned on its handler, killing and eating him.

In the first event of its kind, US Army Corporal and drone operator Michael Straybar was attacked by his own drone and then consumed shortly after.

The drone, thought to be a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper model was taking part in a training exercise deep in the Nevada desert when it suddenly turned on it’s handler.

“It just flipped.” Said witness Sargent Tommy Schmitz, who was also on the same training mission as Michael “One minute Mike had full control and the next this thing is heading right for him, he never stood a chance.

The ‘Hunter-killer’ Reaper drone, which is fitted with four Hellfire missiles and two Paveway laser-guided bombs, dropped one of its bombs close to Mike who was killed instantly by immense shock wave it produced.

“After it bombed him it swooped down and started to feast on his body. It was horrible, there was blood everywhere, all that was left of him were a few bones.”


The State of Nevada was temporarily put on high alert, with residents urged to stay indoors or underground, whilst the drone was still on the loose, but it was later captured after being caught drinking by the side of a small oasis.

Captain Jake Raul of the US Army said “The drone has been detained and we’re going to look at want went wrong, it will be destroyed after we have inspected it fully.”