New energy saving light bulbs take just 3 hours to turn on

A NEW type of lightbulb invention will save even more energy after taking just 3 house to turn on.

The ‘Superdim’ light bulb uses extremely slow burning halogen gas to ignite and create light beams.

Creator Amy Juarez who has spent over £50,000 on the new type of bulb said “The chemical reaction within the bulb is extremely slow. But its a great invention, the time until it reaches its peak brightness is just under 3 hours, an increase of around an around compared to current energy saving bulbs.”

“We’ve tweaked and tweaked with our product and think its future is going to be bright.”

Energy saving lightbulbs have become the norm in Britain and Europe after an unpopular European Union ban on conventional incandescent lightbulbs back in 2009. After the ban there where calls to bring the bulbs back after those who are partially sighted struggled with the lack of light energy saving bulbs emitted, although sadly nothing ever materialised.

We accosted random shoppers at the lightbulb aisle in a local wilksons and showed them the new bulb, there were strong opinions both for and against the bulb.

Enviromental activist Annie Boot said “I think its great, it will really make me think about putting a light on, actually it will really make me think if I should be using the light at all. I’d purchase them and buy a torch, use that instead.”

However another local shopper Jon Stem wasn’t as positive about the move. He said “3 hours, 3 f****** hours, I mean yeah it switches on but what’s the bloody point. By the time its on turned on I’ll probably be done in the room anyway.”