Human organ donation tins to be placed in local shops

THE NHS has announced a new tac tic today, aimed at increasing the number if organ donations within Britain.

The country which sees around 3000 organ donations a year, has decided to pursue a government backed initiative to increase the number of donors.

The initiative will see human organ tins placed in local corner shops and supermarkets across the nation.

“Only 55% of people consent to having their organs taken once they have died.” Said Arnold Lodge, spokesperson for the NHS. “The rest are authorised by family members. We need a huge boost in the number of organ donors, over 400 people died last year after not receiving and organ they were waiting for.

“We’ve worked with the government and are implementing a new strategy we think will work very will, human organ donation tins in local shops.”

Each of the tins will contain a tiny freezer for the organs to be deposited into, then the shops owner will then contact a local NHS service which will come pick up the organs at the end of the day if needs be.

Arnold Lodge continued “We’re expecting a 50- 70% rise in the number if donations each year. These will go a long long way towards saving so many lives.”

“People can donate whenever and wherever they like, got a spare kidney? Why not nip to Tescos. Got some lung tissue you’d like to get rid of? Run on down to your local corner shop, but don’t run too hard. You don’t want to damage the merchandise.”