Liberals furious about what Trump does in the bedroom

LIBERALS have reacted in anger today as it was revealing in a document that Donald Trump may have taken part in Golden’s Showers.

A Golden Shower, which is slang term for the sexually charged act of pissing on ones partner, was revealed in a dossier leaked by a former British MI6 agent and soon to be corpse Christopher Steele.

Liberals across America have showed their ‘disgust’ and ‘dismay’ and Trumps activities which featured several fully consenting adults.

Emma Rothschild from Palm Springs in California was outraged at Trumps alleged activity. “Its disgusting, its vile, it degrades women and as a slightly mentally I’ll person with OCD, its extremely unsanitary and unhygienic.”

“We’re calling for this women abusing peice of shit to be removed from office. We can not have a President that takes part in such extreme acts.”

Emma, who admits she has recently attended rallies for pro-abortion and pro-gay causes, doesn’t quite understand the irony of telling the government to keep their noses out of what she does in the bedroom whilst simultaneously poking her nose in theirs.

When challenged on her logic Emma gave quite an unconvincing argument. She said, “Its different. I’m not coming from a place of power when I make these remarks, therefore I can say them.”

“Anyway I dislike Trump from the heart, it doesn’t matter what logic I use. Wether its twisted, backwards I don’t mind. I’ll continue to shout into the ears of people that don’t want to hear me, right until I get my own way.”