Remainers ready to link Thundersnow to Brexit

REMAINERS are preparing themselves for the upcoming ‘Thunder snow’ storm by linking all its possible causes and effects to Brexit.

The super rare phenomenon is said to bring a flurry of thunder, lightening and snow that will cause chaos across the UK this weekend, after it failed to be prepared for just the 1400th winter coming.

Sam James of Pro-EU group ‘I WONT LEAVE’ said “We’re working hard on finding a scientific basis as to why Brexit has caused the upcoming thundersnow storm, so far we have The Butterfly Effect but that’s about it. We’re 100% sure that we can find a correlation, and once we do you’ll know about it.”

Ever since the UK voted leave the European Union by a narrow margin back in July, there has been an outpour of blame onto anyone or anything that seems to be Pro-Brexit.

So far, its been blamed on the falling pound against the dollar, the election if Donalf Trump because of a surge in anti-establishment feeling, an increase in racist incidents, Wayne Rooney’s loss of form whilst playing for England, Global Warming and allowing Scotland to become more of a demanding little gobshite, the latter of which is probably true.

Sam James -Who has been garbling about some anti-Brexit BS all this time- continued “Wow I’ve got it, we’ll tie the snow in to climate change which was caused by Brexit too. Its just a knock on effect really. Maybe we’ll throw in the race card ‘UK rejects European air for the white stuff.'”