Science confirms water is gender fluid

blue water splash


A group of scientists have revealed the results of a 5 years study into whether or not water is a gender fluid.

There findings may come as a shock to some but lead scientist and nerd Martin Fluval from the University of Durham said,

“We we’re asked by the universities Safe Space Society if we could conduct some research into how water worked, I was skeptical at first but it seems that they may have been on to something after all.”

After numerous experiments Martin and his crew were struggling to get any solid evidence until one day they decide to drop a supercharged magnet in a bowl of water, according to Martin this is where things got a bit ‘Weird.’

“For the first hour or two it was normal, but then it started to act a bit strange.” He said “The water started to changed from ice to gas to liquid, almost at its own will.”

Over the next couple of days Martin and his crew of eligible science bachelor’s monitored the fluid closely.

“Some days it decided it was a liquid, others it was a gas, even after the magnet was removed it contuined its odd behaviour. Leading us to believe that water is indeed gender fluid.”

Sky Thompson from the Safe Space Society said “What? They actually got something from this. Wow, I mean we were just trying to kick up a fuss and make people aware of our cause but if it really is gender fluid that’s great. Water is welcome at our safe space meetings anytime.”