Angel of the north to be put in burka

THE UK has reacted with outrage after it emerged a plan to put The Angel of the North in a Burqa will actually go ahead.

The decision which is being described as ‘Insane’ by local residents has been implemented by the British government after upholding a complaint from the Muslim Council of Britain that said the sculpture was “Offensive.”

“We find this lady extremely offensive. Her lack of clothes makes her seem provocative, her curves are on show and so are her ankles.” Said Sajid Nawez from the Council.

“We’ve asked the government to amend the statue as we believe it teaches young women to aspire, which is clearly the wrong lesson for them to learn.”

The sculpture which was built by artist Antony Gormley, has sat on top of its Gateshead hill for nearly 20 years without incident. It took workers almost 6 weeks to complete and erect the 177ft wide structure.

Sajid continued, “The sculpture is quite clearly naked and therefore sexually charged. We believe that Muslim men are ogling it as they drive past, it’s creating a dangerous environment which has seen several crashes in recent months.”

“Therefore we propose that the Angel of the North be given a Burkha so it is completely covered up. Its the right and proper thing to do.”

One local resident who obviously wasn’t that bothered said “I think its shit anyway, it’ll probably do it good, I’d rather have it there looking like a giant bin bag than what it is now to be quite honest.”