BMWs new driverless car refuses to use its indicators

NOT indicating seems to be an inherent trait in certain road users these days, whether it be through misunderstanding of what the indicator does, sheer ignorance or complete lack of awareness of their surroundings, one thing can be sure though, is that If they’re turning without a signal. they’re probably behind the wheel of a BMW.

The German automobile company, who manufacture such cars as the 1 Series and 3 Series, announced today that they have begun working on a new model of driverless car that will compete with the likes of Google and Volvo.

Klaus Frohlich, CEO of BMW is adamant that BMW’s input into the self driving car scene will be an instant game changer.

“The car has everything a Beamer needs, luxury seats, great fuel economy- the results of which haven’t been tampered with in a lab- and of course indicators.”

Klaus went on to declare that even though driverless, his new car was the full BMW package.

“It has indicators but it won’t use them. This is to give those inside the authentic feel of a BMW. There’s nothing like a near death experience after being side swiped by a HGV because you couldn’t be bothered to take that one second to flick a switch up and down.”

Klaus then said “Its weird, it wasn’t even programmed like this either. It just kind of decided not to use them.”

The BMW DV as its known, will be licensed and released for public use by 2018 at the latest. BMW are also thought to be developing a ‘more aggressive driving style’ for the car, which will see it regularly undertake and tailgate those in front of it.

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