Satan takes front row seat at Trump inauguration

THE Devil has caused a stir today after revealing he has purchased front row tickets for the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

After arriving on a 37 hour flight from the depths of hell on his ironically named plane ‘Care Force One’ he will take his seat tonight in the front row, amongst The Donalds closest friends and family.

Satan, who obviously has a great sense of humour, quashed claims he was there to see his ‘Master plan for the Apocalypse.’ come to fruition, instead he insisted he was simply there to take more of an ‘Interest in foreign affairs.’

“I’m here as the Ambassador to Hell, I feel this is necessary since our population will be expanding rapidly over the next four years. The souls we will be taking may even push us over capacity, so we might literally have to set up a little Hell on Earth.” He said, chewing on a half mangled corpse.

“Donald J Trump is a great man and a good friend, im one of the first people he called when it was announced he’d won the presidency.”

“You don’t see God down here, in fact I heard the other day he was going to stop blessing America, is that true?”

Unconvinced by the Devils claims are several conspiracy theorists who claim that Satan’s appearance is a sign if the upcoming Apocalypse.

Dave Ike, a prominent internet conspiracy theorist said “How can we sit here whilst the Devil visits Earth. He clearly has he’s own agenda and is up to something major. I’m predicting that 2017 will be the last year on Earth.”