Protester throws bin

A MAN feels a little bit better about himself tonight after he pushed over and then threw a bin during a protest at Donald Trumps presidency.

Millenial Stan Kirk from New York was out protesting when he suddenly came across a bin, and in an act of defience at the election of his new President, moved it from its designated spot.

“I really don’t know what came over me.” Kirk said. “I just got so so angry. I wanted to move the bin and I wanted people to know that my actions towards it represent all the hatred and negativity I feel towards Donald Trump.”

“So I pushed over the bin, stamped on it twice then picked it up and threw it about 2 metres. The rubbish went everywhere, Trump is not my president.”

Kirks feeling are understandable. He isn’t the only one that has been involved in pointless acts of anti-social behaviour. Its quite clear that no one in his life has ever said no to him, aswell as many others from his generation that have been involved in the anti-Trump protests.

They become aggressive when frustrated, and lacking any emotional intelligence, take their feelings out on innocent wheely bins and trash cans as its the only coping mechanism they have.

Kirk continued “People ask me his throwing a trash can help get Trump removed from office. They see it as a mindless bit of vandalism, but it isn’t. It’s our way of saying fuck the government and if enough of us did it (throw bins) I guarantee they’d begin to listen.”