Science to divert all funds into researching time travel

THE world of science will not stand idly by and ‘do nothing’ about Donald Trumps presidency says a leading Professor from one of the countries top universities.

Doctor Marrian Young from Oxford University said she will order ALL science project’s worldwide to drop what they’re doing and start to invest their time in researching time travel.

Mrs Young will announce her plan to the science community at the World Science Fair which will be held in Paris next month, she said “We need to do something about this awful situation, so therefore I am pushing time travel on to the agenda.”

Marrians ideas may sound crazy, however she is likely to get the backing of some huge names in science, including half man half wheelchair, Dr Stephen Hawking.

He said, “I believe I time travel and there is no greater need for it that today, Donald Trumps election has become a reality and the only way we can combat that is to go back in time and take preventative measures.”

Being the nice guy that he is, Hawking promised a young Trump won’t come to any harm at the mercy of the time travellers.

He said “We won’t hurt Trump when we get there we’ll just push him down another route, far far away from politics.”

When approached, Trump was unavailable for comment last night but his spokesperson did read of a list of things his boss didn’t believe in, “Climate change- check, Mexican labour- check, Globalism- check, ahh here we go, time travel, check.”