It’s now socially acceptable to punch people in the face if you disagree with them

IT has now become socially acceptable to punch people you don’t like or disagree with, in the face, a poll has found.

The Facebook poll of over 10,000 random participants was carried out by a company that researches social trends around the globe. The result was a unanimous 75% swing towards ‘Yes’ when users responded to the question ‘Is it ever OK to punch someone you disagree with in the face?”

The results, shocking as they are, represent an alarming new trend by an increasingly violent liberal population in which people are shut down for daring to voice different opinions to that of the status quo.

Jamie Benton, a self appointed arbiter of free speech in society, was one of the people that replied to the poll.  He strongly agreed with majority of the participants.

“Its my duty to protect the world from fascism, and a fascist is anyone that doesn’t agree with my agenda. If those fascists aren’t listening to what I’m saying then they’re going to get a punch in the face. Its as simple as that really.”

“Violence should always be the last resort, but you have to understand that when you’re a minority and are constantly being oppressed, its fine to punch people if they’re saying things differently to how you want then to say it.”

“This is the only way those fascists will learn.”

Jamie finished by saying, “Does any of this make sense to you? If you say no I’ll sock you square in the fucking gob mate.”