HGV completes overtake in just 45 minutes

A lorry driver has probably set a new world record for overtaking a HGV with another HGV after he completes the maneuver in just 45 minutes.

Lukaz Podolski a long distance driver from Leicester, attempted the stunt on the busy A1 dual carriageway earlier today.

The road which is notoriously busy, saw his Pound Stretcher truck overtake another HGV (Who wished to remain anonymous) at mind boggling speeds of 60 miles an hour.

“He was doing 60 and I was doing 61.” Lukaz said gleefully. “This truck is fairly fast, I can go 0-60 in about 35 seconds. So when I saw an opportunity, I went for it. I’m glad I did because I only held up the traffic for fourty five minutes. Its got me one minute ahead of my schedule and in this business that really counts.”

Lukasz wasn’t the only one impressed with his daring and heroic attempt to save time. Sitting four cars behind in his BMW, Jordan Trent watched as the thrilling HGV drag race unfolded before his very eyes.

“It was great.” He said, “When you need to be there 1 mile an hour quicker, the best thing you can do is block the rest of the traffic that can overtake at 20 times that speed. It makes perfect sense.”

“There must have been 40 maybe 50 cars behind these two but I’m sure they were all as thrilled and entertained as I was. There’s nothing like being stuck behind a Heavy Goods Vehicle travelling at 60 whilst it blows spray from its arse and into your face.”