US Border wall ‘May be circumvented by ladders’

DONALD Trump is said to be ‘Outraged’ this evening after finding out that walls are not as impenetrable as first claimed.

He is thought to be furious that he nor any of his election staff realised a wall could be climbed with a simple ladder, after making the promise during his campaign.

According to him, The White House will be working ‘Double time’ in order to ensure his plan is ‘Foolproof’. Trump refused to comment on his error but one reporter quoted him as saying, “What do you mean they can just climb over it?”

However, over in Mexico, sales of ladders in the border states of Baja California and Chihuahua have ‘Gone through the roof.’ After Donald Trump signed tge Executive Order.

Ladders have had to be shipped in from various parts of the country after the current stock was ‘Flying off the shelves.’

Carlos Juarez, a Mexican national who owns the ‘Escaleras Para Usted’ ladder store in the border town of Nuevo Laredo has seen his profits rise ‘By 10’ since the announcement.

“People are flocking to my store to pick up ladders.” He said in a stereotypical Mexican accent. “They want to be prepared to get over the wall.”

“Trump says this thing will be impenetrable but it’s won’t be, all you need is a ladder. Thousand shave already gone before construction has even started. But for those who can’t go yet, they’re planning ahead.”

The wall dubbed ‘The Great Wall of America’ will be over 2000 miles long, but for the most part will be unguarded. This has led to calls of it being a ‘Very expensive, taxpayer funded gimmick.’

Carlos isn’t the only one to that is profiteering from Donald Trumps idea. Next door to him is another shop that is doing almost as well.

“We sell spades.” Says owner Rodriguez. “Trump is building up, but not down. From what I hear most most people have opted for ladders, but others are telling me about digging tunnels underneath. Either way I think they’re on to something.