Australians confirmed as most dangerous animal in Australia

AUSTRALIA, the land of deserts, sand, more sand, the legend Steve Irwin and numerous deadly animals that’s will try to kill you as soon as you set foot on their dry and arid land.

Never mind the Box Jellyfish, the Funnel Web Spider, the Bull Shark, the Brown Snae, the Salt Water Crocodile or the Blue Ringed Octopus. According to one man there’s a new deadly animal in town, and they’re called Australians.

“Ozzie’s are by far the most dangerous animal in Australia.”, said Keith Foster, a statistical researcher, who has one of those jobs that sound smart, but really he sits down all days watching people make and ‘arse’ our if themselves.

“Have you ever seen them on YouTube? They’re insane.”, he said. “The drink driving, the constant piss ups, the pranks. Have you ever seen a guy twat a Kangaroo? We see it all the time over here.”

“Seriously how many people do you know that will actively fight an animal that looks like Scooby Doo on steroids? Because I fucking wouldn’t.”

Keith’s research is sound, but it hasn’t been well received by some people who have accused him of shining a bad light on the ‘Real Australia’

Daisy Cord a Melbourne city resident said “Australia is a great place but we don’t all box Roo’s. That’s a myth and a negative stereotype.”

“If you come here you’ll have a great time, and you’re much more likely to be killed by a shark or a spider than an Ozzie.”