Pet White House drone takes immediate dislike to Trump

DONALD Trump may well have started his tenure as president with a bang, signing Executive Orders left, right and centre, but his relationship with the famous pet drone stationed in the White House grounds has gotten off to a rocky start.

The Predator drone, lovingly named by Obama as ‘Mittens’ is thought to have taken an immediate dislike to Trump when first introduced, scurrying behind an Oval office sofa as Trump went to pet it.

“Its not been the best start really.” Said John Breck, a highly valued member of Trumps transition team. “The drone doesn’t like him, he should probably get on its good side because its carrying some highly capable and advanced weaponry.”

The drone was first brought to the White House by Barack Obama in 2009 as a companion for his children and his pet dog. Obama, who was known for his fondness of the murderous machines later went on to describe their relationship as ‘Symbiotic’, saying, “We play a lot. He’s great with kids.”

Mittens was left at the White House by Obama after the CIA top brass agreed that ‘It wasn’t suitable as a domestic pet.’ It now resides in its own quarters inside the 132 roomed building.

Trump is said to want a relationship with Mittens, but is finding it ‘Difficult to deal with the drones numerous rejections.’

John Breck said, “We’re going to keep trying and trying, every time Donald approaches Mittens he fly’s away. Last night he flew over the White House grounds for a good 45 minutes before we managed to coax him down with the promise of a afresh corpse we got from the morgue.”