Petition to ban petitions reaches 1 Million signatures

A PETITION set up by a member of the general public has ‘Greatly exceeded’ his own expectations by reaching over 1 million signatures.

Tod Carter created the petition after his social media accounts were ‘Deluged’ with a ‘Barrage’ of petitions, usually calling on parliament for someone or something to be banned.

“I’d just had enough.”, said Tod a Technical Analyst from London. “Whenever someone does anything that even one person dislikes, there’ll be a fucking petition set up to stop it, its getting ridiculous now.”

Tods petition was placed on, a website that was created by the British government to that make the electoral process and parliament decision making more ‘Inclusive.’

After submitted petitions reach a quarter of a million signatures, they are then eligible to be debated on by parliament. Ironically something that will be held on Tod’s submission.

“The final straw was the petition to ban Donald Trumps state visit to the UK. However I’ve also seen petitions such as the calling for life sentences for posting racist tweets, the banning of condom machines in public toilets and even one for driving on the right hand side of the road.”

Local SNP MP, Edward Davies, will sit in on Tod’s petition when its debated on in parliament and is staunchly opposed to his idea.

“I disagree with Tod’s petition to ban petitions.”, he said. “Petitions are an integral part of our democratic structure and allow people the chance to have their voices heard. In fact, I think there should be a petition to stop people petitioning to stop people petitioning. I’d happily debate on that. ”