Science & Technology

Science to divert all funds into researching time travel

January 23, 2017

THE world of science will not stand idly by and ‘do nothing’ about Donald Trumps presidency says a leading Professor from one of the countries top universities. Doctor Marrian Young from Oxford University said she […]


Protester throws bin

January 21, 2017

A MAN feels a little bit better about himself tonight after he pushed over and then threw a bin during a protest at Donald Trumps presidency. Millenial Stan Kirk from New York was out protesting […]


Cat practising to become masseuse

January 19, 2017

A CAT is about to become the first feline in history to earn a qualification in massage therapy, allowing it to become a fully fledged masseuse. Tina, an orange and Black Calico has been practicing […]


BMWs new driverless car refuses to use its indicators

January 19, 2017

NOT indicating seems to be an inherent trait in certain road users these days, whether it be through misunderstanding of what the indicator does, sheer ignorance or complete lack of awareness of their surroundings, one […]

Science & Technology

Bird looking for freshly cleaned car to shit on

January 18, 2017

A CROW has been holding in its shit for the past two days, ready to unleash on an unexpected driver who’s car has recently been cleaned. Colin, a Carrion Crow from Berkshire, has made it […]


Angel of the north to be put in burka

January 17, 2017

THE UK has reacted with outrage after it emerged a plan to put The Angel of the North in a Burqa will actually go ahead. The decision which is being described as ‘Insane’ by local […]