Britain bans Trumps

THERE was mass confusion across the country today, after MP’s in the Houses of Parliament today debated an online petition that was aimed at Donald Trump, but was somehow mixed up with the British word for flatulence.

The MP’s who spectacular voted to ban Trumps in Britain, only realised their tremendous gaffe after the session had ended.

“We’ve made quite a booby.”, said Jon Dowell, Labour MP for North Shields. “It seems the the petition was actually set up to ban Donald Trump from receiving an official state visit, instead we’ve managed to ban flatulence.”

In the three hour debate, MP’s from all sides posed questions on why the ban was needed, how the ban would work and how it would be enforced.

“I wholeheartedly believe in this motion and would fully support it all the way.”, said Janine Carter a Liberal Democrat MP. “On the basis of reducing the greatest risk known to mankind -climate change- and general rudeness I will be voting to ban all trumps.”

“Having employed and started scientific research into this motion, I can confirm that holding in your trumps will not do much damage to your body. In fact, our paper shows it may even be beneficial. To ourselves and the environment. However, there is one small issue, holding in farts does lead to a slightly higher risk of spontaneous combustion.”, said Janine during the debate.

After realising their mistake, a ‘Thoroughly embarrassed’ Janine Carter, along with other MP’s are said to be pushing through ‘Emergency legislation’ to re-legalise trumping.

Met Chief Officer Simon Colle urged the public not to worry if the legislation isn’t repealed immediately. “We’re urging people not to hold in their farts, as police officers we can use our discretion and I promise that if we hear you, you won’t be prosecuted.”