Heston Blumenthal creates nob cheese sandwich

A CHEF known for his unique take on the culinary arts, has created a new sandwich recipe that has been named the ‘Nob cheese sandwich.’

Heston Bluementhal, renowned ‘Gastrologist’ and owner of original gastro-pub ‘The Fat Duck’, added his latest creation to his restaurants menu after a three week trial.

“This is a great recipe.”, said Heston, who is known for creating a plethora of food oddities such as egg and bacon ice cream. “The cheese is just so creamy, its probably our fastest selling sandwich, if you’re thinking of coming down then you need to be quick, the premium nob cheese we use is rarer than truffle.”

Heston is said to have imagined his latest creation after a visit to his local gym one afternoon. “I was in the showers.”, he said, his face screwing awkwardly. “This bloke leant over me to open his locker and his nob dangled in front of my face, it was horrid, but the aroma was magical.”

“It was right there and then I knew I was onto a winner. I signed this dude up and he now supplies me with five grams of cheese a week.”

Pierre De LA Baute, food specialist from Taste magazine, recently sampled The Fat Ducks most interesting addition.

“The bread is wholemeal and the butter is from free roam cows that graze on the freshest of grass, high in the Himalayas. The two are a magical combination, but the knock out ingredient is the Nob Cheese.”

“Matured for seven days on a man named Alan’s penis, this cheese has a powerful aroma, yet doesn’t detract from the taste. Sweaty with a hint of sweetness it definitely holds its own in this mastermind of a creation.”