Terrorists plotting attack with next Samsung explosive device

AN undercover operation set up by BBC programme Panorama, has revealed a terrorist plot to attack Britain with the next Samsung explosive device.

The cell, which is thought to operate in Birmingham, has around 20 members and is thought to have previously, but unsuccessfully attempted to attack the country with Samsung Note 7’s.

“Explosives are hard to make without being caught or blowing yourself up.”, said one potential terrorist who went by the name ‘Sadiq’ who sat in a dingy safe house with his two accomplices, ‘Mahmoud’ and ‘John’.

“We tried last year to get a batch of Note 7’s, but they were all recalled before we got them.”

“But this year we’re on it, we’ve all pre-ordered the Note 8. On Three as well so we get good signal too. The problem was they make you pay £10 Top-up for Pay as You Go, what a rip off man.”

“Do you think we need that when we’re going suicide bombing? Wait Mahmoud let me just give you a ring innit, use this £10 Top-up before I kill myself.”, ‘Sadiq’ said as the three laughed in synchronicity.

Although the scheme may remind some of the infamous Four Lions film which sees four incompetent terrorists attempt to attack a Birmingham marathon, this cell is very real and extremely dangerous.

There has already been 20 plots stopped this year by secret services, who were aware of the group when we contacted them.

A man from Mi5 known only by his alias ‘NB’ said, “We’re well aware of this plot, but it’s on the back burner at the moment. It’s something for us to laugh at when we get bored.”