Woman fights ticket after claiming her Smart car was parked inbetween double yellow lines

NEWS. Helen Wilcox, of Clifton, bought a £1 ticket for one hour parking at the carpark behind M&S, just off Albert Road on January 8th. She says as she shut the door the wind blew it over and she was given a ticket. She sent off the original ticket but was still told she would have to pay £25. IN PICTURE: Helen with the ticket, and her friend Sarah Smith with the fine notice that she received. PICTURE BY DAN MATTHAMS.

A woman has been given a £60 penalty ticket after leaving her Smart car on double yellow lines and then claiming that it was ‘Small enough to fit in between them.’

Janet Smith from Solihull, was out on a day trip with her mother to Central Birmingham when she decided to park across two double yellow lines, instead of finding a car park to leave her beloved motor in.

The car, which is known for its impossibly small size, measures just under 9 feet long and a tad over 3 feet wide. Short, but clearly not short enough to avoid a parking ticket from an eagle-eyed ticket officer.

“I thought it would be OK there.”, said Janet as she explained her reason behind illegally parking her car. “I genuinely thought it was within the lines, I mean it was so close to the kerb it may as well have been.”

“I was devastated when I got back and found I’d been issued a ticket for £60. I called the local council immediately, but they just didn’t want to know.”

When contacted, the Birmingham City council official we spoke to seemed,  well aware of the incident.

“It’s probably one of the most bizarre excuses I’ve ever heard.”, said Michael Alan. “After a stringent review of the photographic evidence and also speaking to Janet, I can pretty much say for certain that her car, no matter how small, was most definitely not within the 3 inches of space that lay between the double yellow lines and the kerb.”