America not as great as it was 3 weeks ago

A recently released straw poll has revealed that American believe their country is ‘Less great’ than it was three weeks ago.

The poll which was commissioned by organisation ‘StorPoll’ asked 1171 Facebook users to rate their countries ‘Greatness’ since Donald Trump became president.

A whopping 80% of respondents replied with ‘Not as  great’ and just 12% responded with ‘Greater’ the other 8% were either indifferent or had fled to Canada.

Steve Walsh, the man who commissioned the poll, said the results were ‘Very interesting’.

“Trump’s focus was on making America great again. The hats, the t-shirts, the one time he was counted saying it 252 times at one rally. It really was a focal point of his presidential campaign.”

“But now it seems to have gone to pot. People just aren’t liking the things he’s doing and the way America is being perceived on the world stage.”

Steve and ‘StorPoll’ intend to keep questioning the general public about the current presidency, he predicts by the end of Trump’s term America will be even less great that it is now.

However a spokesperson for Donald Trump said, “America is the greatest country that ever lived, greater than great, greater than grated cheese.”

She then went on to admit that they were ‘A little concerned’ at the change in attitudes towards being ‘Great’ and may have to chose a different slogan.

“The term great may soon start to have negative connotations, which means we will have to switch to a new word.”

“Trump has all but settled on the word ‘Bestest’ We’re going to make America the ‘Bestest’ again”