London to build box forts for its homeless

SADIQ Khan is unveiled a new initiative aimed at tackling the capital’s homeless.

The plan, which is backed by the London Assembly, will see the construction of ‘Box forts’ for each and every rough sleeper on the capital’s streets.

It is thought that over 8000 people will benefit from the scheme which will allow them to pop up their forts and place them where ever they please.

Tom Staines, the man behind the idea said, “Rents are extremely high in London and  homelessness is on the rise. So instead of tackling the housing crisis head on, we’re going to focus on ways to re-home people after they’ve already been kicked out.”

Tom and his team are pumping in 1 Million pounds into the initiative, enough to buy enough cardboard boxes for almost half of the city.

“The reason this works is that it’s cheap.”, Tom continued. “Most homeless people already have their own boxes, but we will provide them too. Our constructors will build forts for those that need them and show the occupants how to look after them and maintain them safely.”

“Once constructed the occupants will have full tenancy rights and will also own the box. It’s almost like owning your own home. Except when it rains you’ll still get wet.”

Tom also stressed that there would be a massive emphasis on safety of his new social housing. “We’ve read reports on the internet of box forts collapsing, so we’ll be sending out engineers to make sure all forts on the streets of London are structurally safe and not likely to collapse.”