Final Fifty Shades instalment to be renamed Fifty Shades of Black and Blue

Opinion - Domestic Violence/Bullying
Opinion – Domestic Violence/Bullying

THE finale of the Fifty Shades series has been rewritten by author EL James to shed a more ‘Realistic’ light on the effects of domestic violence.

The trilogy, which follows a frigid twenty something and a middle aged man on his quest for sexual dominance, has left women around the world wet between the crotch after reading the sexually explosive novels.

However, writer EL James has revealed she has rewritten the third instalment, in which the protagonists are now in a violent relationship.

“I just wanted to let people know that no matter how much I glorify hitting your partner with a belt. It can be a form of abuse.”, she said.

Fifty Shades of Black and Blue starts off with Anna pressing charges against her former lover Christian Grey.

“She’s been through real hell.”, says EL James. “She’s finally come to terms with the fact she is in a relationship that feeds off of violence.”

Some months later, Anna receives a letter in the mail, it’s from Christian asking her for forgiveness. After weeks of communicating back and forth. Anna reluctantly agrees to visit him in prison.

After sitting patiently at a booth Christian finally appears, appearing dishevelled, his face dogged with bruises and cuts and his voice weak and timid. A far cry from the dominant male he was portrayed as in the previous two books. It’s at this point the film takes a sinister turn.

“It turns out that he’s a prison bitch.”, says EL James. “He’s been performing sexual acts on other inmates for money, drugs and food. It’s a real fall from grace.”

EL James wouldn’t reveal much more about her rewrite, but was is certain is that this Fifty Shades movie will be the most realistic yet.