Hitler plays down Trump comparisons

ADOLF Hitler has hit out at spectacular claims that he and recently elected US President Donald Trump are ‘Very similar to one another’.

Speaking from his comfy Executive suite in the deepest depths of hell, which is situated right next to the Devils penthouse, he stated adamantly that he ‘Was nowhere near as bad as Donald Trump’.

“This guy is insane.”, he told our translator, waving his arms in true dictatorial fashion.

“You can’t just put a travel ban on majority Muslim countries you suspect of being a threat to your national security, I sanctioned the killing of 6.5 million Jews and even I wouldn’t have implemented such a vile policy.”

“Yes we both promised to make our countries great again.”, he continued. “Yes we both promised mass deportation and yes we both blame immigrants for our countries problems, but that’s it.”

“Do you see me passing legislation on abortion? Making up fake news stories about imaginary massacres? Did I use the countries top position to help my own business needs? Am I repealing acts and denying the existence of climate change?

“No. All of these are disgusting acts which not only make Trump a fascist dictator, but a worse one than me.”

“If the comparisons to this absolute weinerschnitzel continue I’ll have no choice but to take action for libel against the people who are perpetuating these lies.”

“Those bloody demonic minions keep teasing me about what’s going on up on Earth, I’ve had to get rid of the moustache to stop them recognising me, it’s not right.”