Man adamant 5 second rule still applies to food with lump of shit attached to it

A man is adamant that his food is still edible after he dropped it into a piece of dog shit because he picked it up within 5 seconds of it touching the floor.

Tom Brady, who is an avid believer in the ‘5 second rule’ was walking along eating a Mars bar when he was accidentally barged by someone, causing his beloved choccy to fall straight to the ground.

“I’t didn’t land in the shit.”, Tom said taking a bite. “It landed next to it and yes there was a bit of residue when picked it up. Anyway that’s beside the point, it was back in my hands after 3.5 seconds later so it’s still safe to eat. I just wiped it down it was fine.”

Although there are many people who abide by the 5 second rule- the belief that bacteria takes this long to get on to good if dropped. Bacterial research Professor Lana Johnson says they’re wrong.

“There has been of scholarly attention about this subject over the years, but whether you abide by a 3 second rule or a 5 second rule you’re not safe.”

“Bacteria can contaminate instantly, there’s nothing there to tell them they have to wait a certain period of time before clambering all over your food.”