Poseidon and Cthulu launch North Korean offensive

NORTH Korea was plunged into war today after a retaliatory strike on the country by Greek God of the Seas Poseidon and mythical monster Cthulu.

After yet another failed missile attempt landed in the sea and rocking their home worlds, the two- with back up from the Kraken, launched an offensive aimed at toppling the world’s most secretive state.

It is believed Poseidon has already caused two earthquakes as well as a 20 metre high tsunami which has left thousands dead and even more without homes.

“They’re constantly shooting at the sea with missiles.”, said Poseidon. “They’ve killed thousands of fish and sea creatures and we won’t stand for it any more.”

“We’ve stayed calm until now, but the unwillingness of countries such as the USA to do anything at all has allowed the Koreans to do as they please in the area. Declaring war on the sea and attacking our homeland is not right.”

“I will be causing more earthquakes, The Kraken will be sinking North Korean ships and Cthulu will stand there looking fugly.”

North Korea, which is slowly trying to build a nuclear weapon as the ultimate show of force, has repeatedly launched missiles into the air. Most of them failing after a few minutes and then landing into the sea, causing ‘Huge devastation’ to those communities that live beneath it. 

The official government controlled TV channel reacted in anger at the move, stating that it had moved one million of its troops- armed with seventies weaponry- to its coastlines to do battle with the ‘Imperialist invaders’.