Mr. Men, where are they now?

It’s been 45 years since Roger Hargreaves designed and wrote about his Mr.Men, a plethora of characters all famous for one trait in particular. We tracked down our 10 favourite characters to see what they were up to in 2017.

10. Mr. Tickle

Known for his extremely long arms and ‘Gropy’ personality, Mr Tickle was sentenced to serve 15 years behind bars and ordered to sign he sex offenders register for life after repeatedly molesting people who didn’t give consent. After his release from jail in 1999 he opted to have an operation that would see his limbs shortened. So far, he hasn’t returned back to prison.

9. Mr. Bump

The most calamitous of all the Mr. Men. Shown in bandages he was constantly involved in ‘Accidents’. The origin of those ‘Accidents’ took a more sinister turn when it was revealed that his cuts and bruises were the result of years of domestic abuse at the hands of his wife Little Miss Bossy.

8. Mr. Skinny

His constant complaints of not being hungry went unheard by his fellow Mr. men, who were seemingly unaware of his fairly obvious battle with anorexia. After successfully fighting his condition, Mr Skinny now tours schools and universities promoting the need for better mental health services.

7. Mr. Lazy

Initially spending his time out of work on the dole, Mr. Lazy spent 17 hours a day sleeping. It would be 15 long years before he was finally diagnosed with narcolepsy, after being treated his life returned to a sense of normality. In 1988, he changed his name by deed poll to Mr. Proactive.

6. Mr. Nosey

Some time during 1980 producers of the show found cameras in the Little Miss changing rooms, Mr Nosey was arrested on suspicion of voyeurism shortly after the series ended. He spent time in prison where he shared a cell with fellow sex offender Mr. Tickle. After his release he unlawfully fled to Panama, his current whereabouts are unknown although he his thought to reside in South America.

5. Mr. Chatter Box

Mr. Chatter Box was known as the character who would not stop talking. In later years he was repeatedly punched in the face for talking shit, but he eventually found fame. Changing his name to Alan Carr and being given his own TV show. Chatty Man.

4. Mr. Jelly

Soon after his departure from the Mr. Men, Mr. Jelly joined one of the last remaining ‘Freak Shows’ in America, he toured the country before being brought to the attention of Dr. Renato Sanchez who was studying human anatomy at the University of California. He agreed to be the subject of several tests and also agreed to donate his body to medical science after he passes away.

3. Mr. Grumpy


Perhaps suffering the saddest fate of all Mr. Men, Mr. Grumpy battled crippling depression and anxiety for the majority of his adult life. 3 years after being made redundant from the Mr. Men series, Mr Grumpy sadly took his own life by jumping in front of a train.

2. Mr. Worry

In another unsuspecting case of mental health, Mr. Worry suffered from severe anxiety on and off set, he began to take Diazepam that he obtained illegally on the black market, as well as other anti-anxiety meds before seeking professional help. 5 years of intense therapy later he was cured, changing his name to Mr. I Don’t Give a Fuck.


1. Mr. Tall

Another tragic tale in the Mr. Men series. Mr. Tall continued to grow throughout his short life, finally reaching 21 foot tall, he looked like a peice of spaghetti. He was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour which adversely affected his growth. He was found dead in 1985 aged 24 from complications of his condition.