Trump to be put on toddler leash after repeatedly getting lost around White House

Trump picture on a stroll around the White House grounds


Trump pictured on a stroll around the White House grounds

DONALD Trump has once again proved that he cannot be trusted to do things by himself after repeatedly getting lost in the White House.

According to White House spokesperson Jenna Juarez -One of the people you see standing idly by as Trump signs messily away America- he has temporarily been out on a toddler leash to him from running off.

“It’s difficult.”, said Jenna with a sigh and a shake of her head. “He is my boss so I’ll talk about him nicely, but it’s like working with a child. I feel like all the roles have been reversed I’m this situation. It’s so bizarre.”

The move came as Trump was ‘Lost’ for over four hours the other day in the 132 roomed building, when he should have been on the phone conversing with world leaders.

“He just went AWOL, our staff were out on Red Alert, we thought he’d been kidnapped. When we finally found him he was sitting in a room scribbling on the wall with a crayon.”

“We have him a stern telling off when we returned him and he did seem sorry, but I don’t trust him not to do it again. It’s not even like he needs to go to these places, the only room he needs to be in is the Oval office or the canteen, they’re right next to one another.”

“So from now on, when we walk around the grounds, Donald will have a minder who will walk him on a leash like an unruly toddler.”