Nuttall pledges to build wall across UK’s border with Mexico

NEWLY elected UKIP leader Paul Nuttal, has formally drafted up his manifesto for the next referendum and it in he pledges to build a wall across the UK’s border with Mexico.

Paul, or ‘The Nutter’ as he is known by fans, has pledged to be ‘More Trump like’ if he takes office.

“Our first election campaign is to build a wall along our border with Mexico, doesn’t matter how much it costs or how long it takes, we’ll build to stop these rapers entering our great island.”

Since the UK and Mexico are over 5000 miles apart, it’s not clear what Paul means when he says he will ‘Build’ a wall, although it may simply be metaphorical. Or at least it will be when he realises the two countries do not share a physical land border.

“Imports will be levied on goods coming in because of course Mexico is going to pay for it. The wall will double up and also protect us from the Syrian refugees, I’m lead to believe we share a border with them too.”

A spokesperson for the Mexican government said, “Who is this Paul Nuttal guy? I don’t know much about him I do know that he looks like Eddie Hitler from Bottom.”