Environmentalists reveal plan to power UK using electric eels

A fringe environmental group has revealed plans that will allow the UK to go ‘Fossil fuel free’, by using electric eels to power the country.

Jamie Davis, leader of the pressure group ‘enviroMENTAL’ has discussed his plans to use animals as a power source.

“We’re in between a rock and a hard place at the moment. We’re using a lot of electricity, but hardly any clean sources. That’s why we’ve come up with this idea to use electric eels.”, he said.

“The eels will put in ‘Nurseries’ along stretches of the UK coast line and any shocks they produce will be picked up by a tiny little station located beneath them.”

“Our calculations say that we’ll need around 200-300 million of them to power the whole island. Not a lot really ”

EnvironMENTALS plan sounds like a far cry from reality, but it has gained some support after the group lobbied MP’s in parliament, who see it as a ‘Great alternative to fossil fuels.’ So far, it has even received fifteen signatures.

However, it has been slammed by animal right’s organisations such as PETA, who are automatically offended when animals are brought into the question.

Jill Jones, PETA representative said, “We’re all for the protection and preservation of Earth, but this is blatant exploitation of eelkind.”, she said.

“We cannot and will not support such as move. One of our study recently found that Eels have an IQ comparible to that of a 12 year old child and only shock when they’re scared. This here is obviously animal abuse.”