Crisp found in packet of air

A Man has been ‘Shocked and disgusted’ after he sat down with his packet of air, only to find a crisp in it.

James Oliver from London, picked up a pack of Doritos Chilli Heatwave from his local corner shop ready to enjoy for his lunch.

However, after reaching for the crisps, a suspicious James immediately felt something was amiss. “There seemed to be less air in them than normal.”, he said. “Usually the packet is quite firm and there isn’t much leeway, but this was different.”

“I shook the packet and it became quite clear that there was something solid inside.”

James ‘Recoiled in horror’s upon opening the pack to find a single Doritos crisp sat at the bottom.

“I bought this pack ready for the smell of fresh chilli to permeate my nostrils and ignite my taste buds and maybe eat a few crumbs, but instead I found a whole crisp.”

James has sent a letter of complaint as well as the offending packet to Doritos, who have ordered an ‘Immediate investigation’ into the stray crisp’.

In a statement they said, “We’d like to send our deepest apologies to James. At Doritos we take extra precaution to make sure no foreign bodies and up in our packets of air. Just so he is aware, our packets are filled with 99% air and should only ever contain a few crumbs at most.”