Mammoth resurrected just in time for climate change

SCIENTISTS announced yesterday that they were ‘On the brink’ of resurrecting the legendary Woolly Mammoth, a species that once roamed the Earth in droves, but was eventually wiped out by the progression of mankind and the changing of their environment.

The species, famed for its long wooly looking knots, is known for its association with the last ice age, living out their days on the cold icy tundras of northern Europe.

“It’s great news.”, said Enrique Pablo, one of the researchers behind the project. “Bringing back an animal from extinction, it’s almost a reality.”

“Hopefully we’ll have them in two years.” Enrique was excited, but also sceptical about how the species would cope on Earth this time around if resurrected.

“Obviously these animals are known for surviving in sub zero temperatures, and yes I am aware that we are experiencing a general upward turn in the temperature of the Earth.”

“I don’t think another climate change scenario would wipe them out this time, although that is always a small possibility.”

“We’re already looking at ways for them to cope with the warming climate, the most popular ideas is to have huge walk-in refrigerators in their enclosures.”