Trump begins search for Secretary of Making shit up

US President Donald Trump has begun searching for a new position within his inner circle, the secretary of state for making stuff up.

The successful candidate for the post, which was created over the weekend, will be in charge of the White House’s efforts to propagate ‘Fake news’ to the masses.

“This a great opportunity.”, Trump said. “An excellent opportunity. We’re looking for a candidate with a creative mindset. One that can make things up on the spot, but not rubbish things, believable things.”

It’s thought that Trump created the position after he was embarrassing caught ‘Lying’ about a supposed terror attack that happen recently in Sweden. Of course, there was no such incident.

Another Secretary of State, Alan Speaker, gave more information about Trumps latest plan.

“Mr. Donald was caught out the other day, we’re determined not to let that happen again.”, he said. “So Trump has created this posts for small scale mishandling of the truth.”

“You know, little things that sound true, but aren’t. Things that aren’t going to blip on the radar if those douchebag fact checkers. Think of it as satire if you will.”

“It’s been popular so far and we’ve had a lot of candidates, between me and you I think Pinocchio is going to get it.”