Britains rail network voted worst in the galaxy

BRITAINS rail network has embarrassingly been named as the worst in galaxy by an independent alien authority.

The research, carried out by ‘Galaxian National Rail Alliance’ or GNRA for short, which is based on Exoplanet Hyrg, voted the UK’s rail system the worst in almost every category.

“We’ve tried and tested hundreds of thousands of rail networks across the galaxy and the UK comes last by a very wide margin.”, said Xrge Tylik, the alien who commissioned the poll.

After trialling each network, it is then rated in four categories, customer service, punctuality, cleanliness and value for money.

“It scored minimal marks in all of them.”, said Xrge. We also deducted another mark for its governments unwillingness to do anything about it.”

Xrge us quick to remind that his poll is simply a poll and that he nor anyone else in his organisation has the power to ‘Do anything about it.’

“We have sent a letter to the government detailing ways in which they can improve. We’ve also mentioned that the alien that tested the UK service was so disgusted he vowed never to go back to that Solar System again.”

The UK government refused to comment when challenged about its stance on the rail network and would not reveal whether or not it had been contacted by an alien species regarding it.