Cats just two opposable thumbs away from world domination

CATS are just two opposable thumbs away from taking over the world an animal behaviour expert has said today.

Mike Peak, Professor at the University of Nottingham has warned that if cats were to ‘Evolve another digit’ then humanity will ‘Face it’s biggest threat yet’.

“I truly believe that cats may be our downfall.”, he said. “They’re intelligent creatures and they’re assholes, if you watch a cat it has all the marks of a sociopath killer.”

“These animals only need to luck out on the evolutionary scale and we’re done for, just one is all it takes.”

“What’s weird is that we’re already beginning to see some cats born with an extra digit, it’s deeply disturbing.”

Although there is currently no scientific basis for his thoughts, Mike is not the only one who thinks them. Plastered among interest chat boards and forums and thousands of different people who also think cats have their own agenda.

“I think we have vastly overlooked scenarios for the apocalypse.”, said one user FukkCatzz95. “When the cats finally awaken we will all be done for. I’m heading for the desert where there is as little fish and milk as possible.”