Sales of ‘Trump orange’ paint continue to rise

THERE has been an ‘Unprecedented’ rise in the sale of a newly created shade of orange paint since Donald Trump’s inauguration a home ware store has confirmed.

After designing its own colour based on Donald Trumps skin tone, Home Depot has sold out of the product ‘Multiple times’.

Carlo Sanchez, a store manager and the man who came up with the idea said, “People are absolutely loving Trump Orange at the moment. They’re buying it to paint all kinds of things, Trump is bringing back that bright 90s feel to our homes.”

Carlo, went on to describe the colour as ‘Blindingly orange-esque, with a fiery twang’ and ‘Tonal, similar to the sun, but with a bit more character and flair’.

One customer, who was buying the last few tins of ‘Orange trump’ said he was going to use them to paint his fence.

“Yeah it’s a great colour, imma use it to paint my fence and hopefully keep those pesky Mexicans outta my garden. I think Trump should paint that wall with this stuff too, it really works.”

“It’s good for other stuff too, fancy dress, fences, cars, anything you wanna use to support Trump, just paint it Trump Orange.”