Amazon begins trial of ‘Amazon Think’

INTERNET retail giant Amazon has surprised the world of science tech by announcing that they will begin a trial of a new product they’re calling ‘Amazon Think’.

The product, a small headband that sits across the forehead, is made for purchasing products just by the power of thought, hence its name.

James Dykes, Senior Assistant of the Amazon Think project was very happy to talk to us about what it might entail.

“People don’t like having to go online and order things.”, he said confidently. “Our next creation will allow them to purchase from Amazon just by thinking it in their heads.”

“Imagine Amazon Echo, but without the speaking. That’s Amazon Think.”

James is partially right with his thoughts on customers, with the invention of contactless and Amazon Dash, he says ‘It was only a matter of time’ before the physical aspect of buying something was removed.

“I’m extremely excited.”, he continued. “I’ll show you how it works.” James placed the thin band around his head and stood for a few seconds.

“Now we just open up our account and… Ahh, well I certainly didn’t want to buy hemorrhoid cream and Vaseline.”

“Well like I said, it’s still a trial at the moment, it does have trouble distinguishing between thoughts of buying and thoughts of fantasy.”