Trump live tweets secret tour of area 51

DONALD Trump has sparked a massive security breach during his secret tour of Area 51 by tweeting the whole thing.

During his visit to the top secret facility, Trump secretly tweeted his day, here is his Twitter feed shortly before it was deleted.

President Trump @POTUS.                    15h

Just arrived in Roswell, what a crap hole, why on Earth would aliens even want to visit here?

President Trump @POTUS.                    13h

Going through security, this entire place is staffed by aliens, it’s like watching Men in Black.


President Trump @POTUS                     12h

Settled in nicely, have just checked the document of an alien I think is illegal, he was.

President Trump @POTUS                     12h

Secret service have taken him away, will be deported back to Zyrion C.

President Trump @POTUS                     10h

Eating lunch in the canteen, trying to figure out how to use periscope, then I can livestream.

President Trump @POTUS                       9h

Being shown around these top secret alien ships, they’ve got lasers and everything.

President Trump @POTUS                       7h

I’m currently with the alien that crashed at Roswell, codenamed Clinton, we will be doing a Q&A in 5.

President Trump retweeted                    7h

Mike Pence @2Penniez

@POTUS can we get a selfie of you two?

President Trump @POTUS                       7h

President Trump @POTUS                       6h

Discussing the intergalactic expansion of Trump merchandise with Ambassador Clinton

President Trump @POTUS                       5h

Found another illegal alien. DEPORTED.

President Trump @POTUS

Clinton has offered me a ride back to the @WhiteHouse in his ship. He really wants to know what it’s like living there.