Feminists call for a maximum manspreading distance

A feminist group has renewed its calls for a ‘Maximum manspreading distance’ on public transport.

The group, FEMINIST!!, has urged public bodies and local councils to ‘Do something about manspreading’ after several complaints from its members.

Daisy Wall, FEMINIST!! member and outspoken critic of men with open legs was ‘Determined’ to make her groups idea’s become a reality.

“First of all for those ignorant people who don’t know want manspreading is, it’s where men sit on public transport and protrude their legs, unnaturally wide.”, she said angrily.

“This creates an atmosphere of perceived dominance which is culturally offensive and uncomfortable for those females and beta males within it.”

“Recently a member of ours had to leave a carriage in tears after her legs were constantly touched by the knees of a manspreading pig.”

Despite Daisys calls, the science behind manspreading is quite well known, with some scientists agreeing that the spreading of the legs is done to ease pressure and temperature on the testicles.

Daisys plan however, will not be disturbed by science, she has even set out a list of measurements that men should abide by.

“All legs should be parallel to one another and men should not have their knees more than five inches apart, or the width of the seat they are sitting on, whichever is smaller.”, she said.

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  1. Ban Femspreading. That horrible habit feminists have of opening their mouths wider than their intellect.

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