Doctors warned to stop assuming babies genders

DOCTORS have been warned by a leading equality pressure group that assuming a babies gender ‘May be detrimental to its life’.

The group known as Equali-T, are said to be seeking legal advice on ways to prevent doctors from assigning sex and gender at birth.

“We think it’s damaging.”, said Toni Bail, representative of Equali-T. “Around 0.1% of the population are born in bodies that they don’t identify with, we shouldn’t be assigning genders or sex at birth in case one of those babies turns out to be gender fluid.”

“Your baby may grow up to sexually identify as a plethora of things, pansexual, agender, gender fluid, trans-racial, attack helicopter, there are over 9000 genders. We just don’t know which until they’re old enough to express it for themselves.”

“The problem is, if we label them too early, they may grow up to have significant mental health issues.”

Toni also suggested that doctors also use ‘Gender neutral pronouns’ when referring to newly born children.

“We prefer the terms, Mx, Zi or Ze, rather than He, She or They. Those terms are offensive and may confuse youngsters who are just learning to speak.”

Toni also has some advice for parents who may be wondering how to raise a gender neutral child.

“Give your child gender neutral names when Ze are born. Oakley, Landry and River are just a couple of examples.”