Yellowstone promises to save us from Trump presidency

THE huge supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park has ‘Entered the first stages of eruption’ according to scientists monitoring the beauty site.

Professor Jamie Sanchez who has been studying the massive volcanic chamber underneath the park for five years said, “Yellowstone is threatening to blow, for some this will be excellent news. As we speak the fifty mile wide chamber is being filled with tonnes of molten magma, ready to burst out into the atmosphere and send Donald Trump packing to his Doomsday shelter in the mountains of Switzerland. ”

An eruption from the volcano is predicted to be so large that it would block out the sun for at least two years, leading to mass extinction and possibly the fall of humanity itself. According to one map, the Presidents home state of Washington DC sits just within the volcanoes ‘Kill zone’.

Although Jamie wasn’t too bothered, like most scientists he has a very nihilistic thought process.

“If this volcano erupts, the world will be saved from a Donald Trump presidency. Our planet will be in a catastrophic state, but at least that orange faced buffoon won’t be our president.”, he said.